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Our mission is to educate and inform the masses about decentralized applications, smart contracts, privacy, information security, blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the emerging censorship-resistant distributed & decentralized internet, Web 3.0.

We offer various means of promotion…

  • Sponsored Content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Banner Ad, In-Content & Price Ticker Advertising
  • Fast Press Release Publishing

For a limited time publish your Press Release on for only USD $119*

*Price subject to change. Must meet a basic quality standard. Conditions & Terms apply.
Payments accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ZCash (ZEC) & Monero (XMR).  
Send Press Releases to hello (at)

  1. Submit your Press Release
  2. We approve it then email you invoice
  3. Once paid, we publish your release

If you have a quality project within the space that you’d like to advertise, please tell us a bit about it below… 

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