From Collected Intelligence to Collective Intelligence

Seeking a decentralized Social Media Network that is powered by the Ethereum world computer?

The above video titled “AKASHA: From Collected Intelligence to Collective Intelligence” was shot at the EDCON conference organized in Toronto and was the third Ethereum event that the AKASHA project has presented. In this beautifully crafted presentation, Mihai Alisie, touches upon the Age of Imagination and the implications of Essence – a new token framework experiment designed to transform information into knowledge and action within the AKASHA ecosystem.

Facebook’s dirty history with privacy, censorship and mass data collection is leading to an exodus away from the platform, with Europe being the first continent to start seeing massive drops in users. I think this is just the beginning and it wont be long before alternative decentralized social media platforms such as AKASHA start taking much more significant chunks of market share away from the slow-moving behemoth.

At this stage, there is no planned AKASHA ICO or token sale as the team have chosen “to focus first on building a working decentralized application and learning from the actual use what sorts of problems we should be solving with a custom token. Depending on our findings we might do a crowdsale, but most likely not by the time we launch the beta.”¹

An article expanding on these ideas can be found at

To learn more or try out the Alpha version of the AKASHA social media Dapp, please visit the official Akasha website.

AKASHA 1.0 on the main Ethereum network is expected to be released in Q3-Q4 2018.

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Written by: Blockrev @ Dapp.Tech
Sources: ¹ AKASHA PROJECT - AKASHA International GmbH, Zug, Switzerland.
Disclaimer: Our site does not provide financial or investment advice. Please always do your own independent research before investing yours or anyone elses money.
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