Antshares, sometimes referred to as the Chinese Ethereum is a project that thousands of crypto enthusiasts buzzed about for months, so when news hit the crypto-community that NEO was the new name of Antshares a wave of uncertainty swept over the recently infatuated Antshares supporters.   

When a trusted brand like Antshares shrugs away it’s adorable Name only to squeeze into a sexier, more palpable Name like NEO, it is easy to see why some supporters grow skeptical.

Can you blame us?

In the cryptosphere we have seen the face of sudden change and it usually means someone got hacked or some company is about to duck out with a lot of other people’s money.   

Well, in the case of the Antshares name swap, they aren’t planning a heist or even a huge change to their original plan.  Relax!

According to, Microsoft is now supporting the project, they said so themselves when a China based Microsoft Headquarters building was the site to host a meeting on behalf of NEO.

The switch from Antshares to NEO shouldn’t cause alarm, they are essentially the same.  According to their official website the main changes are simple, cosmetic or superficial upgrades to the UI.  Of course, as they previously promised, improvements to the project are underway, and progress towards their working goals is clearly evidenced when you follow along with their updates.

The timeline of key dates as found on look like this:

  • NEO Website Key Dates
  1.  July 14th, 2017 Completion of new UI
  1.    July 24th, 2017 Delivery of new website
  • NEO Whitepaper Key Dates

Timeframe – Mid July 2017

Target goal is to Issue the final version


  • NEO Client (PC, Web and APP) key dates

Timeframe-  By July 24th, 2017

Target goal is the full reveal of complete Antshares-NEO switchover.


  • Exchange Update Key Dates

Timeframe – By July 24th, 2017

Target goal is full support and completed ANS/ANC – NEO/GAS switchover in exchanges Bittrex, Yunbi and similar.


  • Community APPs Key Dates

Timeframe -By July 24th, 2017

Target goal is the reveal of finished rebranding of Antshares-NEO showing the switch in the Antshares-NEO supporters community applications.


  • Social Media Key Dates

Timeframe-  By July 24th, 2017

Target goal is to debut the complete social medias switch in Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and many other popular social platforms.


  • NEO Seed Project

In an effort to draw the crowd near, the Neo Seed Project will kick off mid July, and it is intended to motivate the community to focus on development of NEO apps.

A NEO Community will activate via Reddit, Slack, and popular forums.  More formal tech communities within .NET/Java community are going to see news of NEO bounty contract campaigns.


  • NEO Blockchain-Landmark

The NEO crew is in cahoots with INNOSPACE  to build what they are calling the Blockchain-Landmark.  This is another innovative way to capture the tech-minded people across the globe, especially after a successful “hackathon” which they first worked on with INNOSPACE in May 2017.  Entrepreneurs definitely took notice, so that was clever!  

If you aren’t yet aware of what makes NEO so awesome, this is a highly adaptable platform and it’s China’s first ever widely accepted public blockchain project, sometimes called “The Ethereum of China”.


It’s an open source platform for smart assets, which are a power combo of blockchain contracts and digital assets.

The unique spectrum of technologies involved in the NEO project include, but are not limited to point-to-point networking, Byzantine Fault Tolerance proof of work (amazing, clever devs!), cross chain functions, and smart contracts.

Of all their unique features my favorite is their chosen consensus algorithm, called the distributed Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm (or dBFT). 

The term Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) got its name from what is known as “The Byzantine General’s Problem”. The problem described an intricate system that in spite of its complexity was vulnerable.  Attackers tend to find weak spots, such as the weak spot that may form when multiple parties do not agree on one thing.   The Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm has a high tolerance for weaknesses, even if under attack and this makes it a strong tool for confirmation and consensus of the events in a chain, and this a simply beautiful feature.

If you are scratching your head, you aren’t alone. If you take one thing from all of the technology-talk, you can be certain of this important fact.  Antshares isn’t disappearing it’s merely graduating to its more trendy, fully developed self, now going by the name NEO.  A name evolution, and that’s all.  


Written by Lori Brown @ Dapp.Tech 5th July 2017.

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