Aragon are a social and energetic bunch of talented individuals, with a positive, friendly, creative demeanour. Then add an agile fast-moving and release-grinding work ethic, and you’ve got a decentralized team of Superheros, with a name to match.

“Come to one of our meetups, have a beer with us and talk decentralized awesomeness”

The tour has come and gone including the following stops…

  • MadridMay 8— thanks to Jorge Vallet
  • Berlin: June 9 — thanks to our friends at BlueYard
  • Barcelona: June 17 — thanks to the guys at Atraura!

The party looks like it’s over.. but don’t let that stop you, as Aragon can jump tall buildings.


“Since teleportation isn’t possible yet, please let us know if you want to organize a meetup somewhere else in the world and have us attend via video conference!

And if you have an idea/prototype that uses Aragon and want to talk at one of upcoming meetups, drop us a line — we’d love to know what you’re building!

Thanks, The Aragon Team”



Aragon are decentralized open-borders, open-doors capitalism.


For more info or to try their Aragon Beta Release

Written by Stephen @ Dapp.Tech – Published: July 12th, 2017

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