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Decentralized Applications are often built by teams who often raise funding through a utility token generation event or sale. There are some projects in the space who do not obide by regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions. Please be aware of legal requirements in your jurisdiction may be different from others, do your own research.

Disclaimer: The Dapp.Tech blog does not offer financial, legal or investment advice. Do your own research (DYOR). Some ICO projects may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. Always do your own independent research and seek the counsel of qualified financial & legal advisors before investing yours or anyone else's money. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile so only invest what you can afford to loose or afford to hold on to long-term #HODL. Although investing in utility token ICOs can be a very lucrative endeavor, most ICOs will fail and ICOs are generally considered a high-risk investment.

A recent advancement in the ICO space that excites us is Vitalik Buterin’s concept of the Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering…the DAICO. As its name suggests, a DAICO combines the benefits of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and initial coin offerings (ICOs), allowing protection and gradual release of funds to the development team as per community conensus.

New websites are popping up to track, monitor and analyze upcoming and ongoing ICOs.

Say Hello to the DAICO

This technology is still in its infancy, you may have heard of HODL but have you heard of BUIDL? Because virtually everything in the ICO space is still being BUIDL’d. Watch this space. We are. does not currently endorse any ICO, DAICO, Airdrop or TGE. Please be aware that there may be Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) from the past, present and future that may be in breach of current or future regulations in various jurisdictions. Please be safe out there and do your own research ‘DYOR’ from multiple trustworthy sources.

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ICO Calendar

Our ICO Calender is provided by ICOWatchList and includes non-paid and paid listings that are potentially untrustworthy. This tool is for general information purposes only. The ICO’s listed below are not endorsed by Dapp.Tech.


ICO Resources

Here’s some established sites and tools that have been useful to track and research upcoming, ongoing and past ICOs…

Smith + Crown

S+C maintain a curated list of ongoing and upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs, token sales, and crowdsales. Projects are evaluated for listing using multiple criteria, but in general, they list ICOs that should raise the equivalent of $30,000 or are unique in some way. Provides summaries and commentary for select ICOs. Listing or research is not considered an endorsement.

Bitcoin Talk Forum

Bitcoin, Crypto and Altcoin forum discussion


An expansive and interactive Crypto platform where you can learn, create a portfolio, discuss with community and monitor markets in real time.

ICO Rating

ICOrating specializes in evaluating upcoming ICO. Their analysis seems reasonably thorough and objective, reviewing companies as potential investment objects.


TokenMarket is a marketplace for tokens, digital assets and blockchain based investing. Users can research and invest in tokenized assets, or launch a crowdsale for a project.


The best projects and ICO crowdfundings. It only lists the projects it considers worth following and investing.


We’re working on an ICO dashboard type page to allow you a birds-eye view of past, present and future ICO Projects.

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