Disclosure: No project featured below has paid me anything to write about them, I do however, put my money where my mouth is and as such currently hold most of the tokens/coins featured in this article. This is not investment or financial advice. Please always do your own independent research (DYOR). Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so only invest what you can afford to loose.

With the recent market correction causing drops in every single cryptocurrency, opportunities have arisen to pickup undervalued coins and tokens of solid projects at bargain prices. After much research, below are some of my favorite undervalued cryptocurrencies for February 2018.

IMPORTANT: This list and the market caps were written as at February 7th 2018. I will write and publish my next undervalued crypto article in July 2018. Sign up for Dapp.tech browser push notifications and our email list to be notified the moment it’s published. 


Undervalued Small Caps ($20m USD or less)

Sumokoin (SUMO) ~$8m cap

UPDATE JUNE 2018 - ATTENTION : Sumokoin has hardforked and split into two chains: Sumokoin & Ryo after a controversial dev team split. After extensive independent research, I've concluded that RYO is the new decentralized community driven Sumokoin, and almost all of the old Sumokoin community are now dropping support for Sumokoin and getting behind and supporting RYO instead. If you're interested please read about what happened in the recent Sumokoin RYO Fork. Holders of Sumokoin private keys will now have the ability to claim the same amount on both chains, so you'll get both coins. Read this Sumokoin / Ryo Currency Update for further details and instructions on how Sumokoin holders can claim their free Ryo coins.

Sumokoin is a fork from Monero (XMR) with a few key improvements and an even higher level of privacy in mind, setting Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) with minimum ringsize (mixin) of 12 to conceal sources/amounts transferred, providing it the highest resistance to blockchain analysis. The POW mining “camel distribution” emission schedule means block rewards grow until 2021 before declining every year til 2033, this allows a fairer and more decentralized distribution of mining rewards for new miners that enter the industry over the next few years of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Sumokoin is untraceable and I consider it the most private privacy coin in the world right now. The Sumokoin dev team have achieved so much in such a short time; they’ve released multiple original GUI wallets that have been forked by many projects, and an easy-to-use GUI SUMO miner, which has also been forked by other dev teams.

Undervalued Privacy Coin - Sumokoin SUMO

Aigang (AIX) ~ $10m cap

Aigang is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) Insurance Protocol. The protocol utilizes crowd-sourced insurance pools discovery and offer its users to earn rewards from prediction markets powered by their DAO Smart contracts. Aigang have a stellar team, exceptional branding and a rapidly growing community. Aigang could be a sleeping giant that arises in 2018.

Bargain Insurance Protocol Token - Aigang AIX


Decent.Bet (DBET) ~$18m cap

Decent.Bet is a community owned Casino & Sportsbook Platform. Being hosted on smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain, users can look through the contract source code as well as track any transaction made on the contract to ensure Decent.bet stays fair and relies on accurate game outcomes and does not act maliciously. Testnet games are looking solid and Decent.Bet allows you to be the house. Update: We recently published a piece titled “Decentralized Poker 1.0 : The Contenders” that covers the projects racing towards creating a truly decentralized Poker room.

Undervalued Community Owned Casino & Sportsbook - Decent.Bet DBET


MyBit (MYB) ~$19m cap

MyBit is a peer-to-peer investing dApp which looks set to unlock billions of dollars in IoT revenue. Token holders will be able to use the platform to invest in devices that earn revenue and automatically payout earnings in cryptocurrency via smart contracts. Examples of initially planned IoT revenue making devices are: Solar Installations, Bitcoin ATMs, Drones, Driverless Cars and Decentralized Cryptocurrency mining. MyBit’s platform will also offer the game changing liquidity to these crowdfunded micro-stakes, so we could very well soon see the flood gates open for IoTCrowdvesting and Solar. The team seem focused on building a great platform rather than focusing on hype. MyBit are looking to also introduce crowd-funded property investing utilizing SlockIt automated door locks to minimize the costs of property management. The Alpha is scheduled for release Q2 2018, it’s imminent, in the meantime if you’re interested to learn more about MyBit I’d suggest you read their whitepaper (v3.0).

6th June 2018: Updated MyBit Project Information: (1) Whitepaper 2.5.2 to 3.0, (2) Alpha Scheduled Release Q1 to Q2 2018 (3) Picture updated MyBit branding


Swarm City (SWT) ~$20m cap

Swarm City is the first truly decentralized peer to peer sharing economy, enabled by the SWT token, running on the Ethereum blockchain. Swarm City is a decentralized commerce platform. Swarm City enables people to communicate and transact in a completely decentralized way – without anyone in the middle. The Swarm City dev team have remained busy building the platform and 2018 should see some major developments released such as the GUI storefronts and hives.

Undervalued cryptocurrencies 2018 - Decentralized Marketplace Platform : Swarm.City SWT


Medium Caps ($21m-$99m)


Propy (PRO) ~$24m cap

Propy is the first global real estate store, allowing buyers, sellers, and all other parties to come together through blockchain smart contracts and cryptocurrency. Propy have recently released both an Android and an iOS app. Propy have the first-to-market advantage, a very brandable name and a strong community that should see great success for the platform in the near future.

Propy is cheap for a first-to-market global real estate token


Blocktix (TIX) ~$28m cap

Blocktix is an Ethereum based decentralized ticketing platform that is counterfeit-resistant and will be used to distribute, advertise, and transfer ownership of event tickets or passes. Blocktix have been developing their platform and kicking some nice goals along the way, such as announcing that Randy Jackson (Producer, American Idol Judge) is joining the team. Blocktix solves the real problem of profiteering ticket scalpers and the exorbitant fees charged by traditional centralized ticketing platforms such as Ticketek.

Blocktix TIX has great potential for growth and healthy returns


Viberate (VIB) ~$39m cap

Viberate is a live music ecosystem and a blockchain-based marketplace that connects artists and music-industry professionals. Viberate is the IMDB of the music industry that is going to move into ticket sales and talent booking.

Huge potential future music industry powerhouse - Viberate VIB


SingularDTV (SNGLS) ~ $86m cap

A Blockchain Entertainment Studio empowering artists with applications to manage and create projects from development to distribution. SingularDTV is a content production and distribution platform built on Ethereum. The goal is not only to create and broadcast quality film and tv content but also to reshape the entertainment industry into a more fair, efficient and transparent business thanks to blockchain and smart contract technology.

SingularDTV (SNGLS) could be the decentralized Netflix of the future - Great potential & possibly very undervalued


Large Caps ($100m+)


BitShares (BTS) ~$600m cap

BitShares provides a high-performance decentralized exchange, with all the features you would expect in a trading platform. It can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ, while settling orders the second you submit them. With this kind of performance on a decentralized exchange, who needs risky centralized exchanges.
Bitshares BTS is the world's most robust decentralized exchange that could go on to great things - Could be very undervalued


EOS (EOS) ~$5.3b cap

EOS is the Blockchain 3.0 operating system that looks set to be the most powerful infrastructure for Decentralized Applications. EOS – the blockchain for commercial scale that can take Decentralization to the masses – was created by blockchain grandmaster Dan Larimer, who invented DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and already has two highly successful blockchains under his belt (BitShares & Steem) that currently do more transactions per day than any other blockchain.

EOS could be the biggest player in the blockchain space within the next couple of years. Undervalued? I think so.


Disclaimer: This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.

Written by Stephen @ Dapp.Tech


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