Written by Esoteric Veritas
Published on Dapp.tech Sep 17, 2018.

Dr. Ron Paul is a libertarian and activist who believes in the individual’s freedoms and a small government. Instead we have big governments trying to meddle with the economy, technology and the ‘free’ markets since when or where have government organisations been the shining beacon of light in innovation, honour, efficiency or effectiveness?

Dr. Paul has fought the ‘good fight’ for years. Many moons ago, Ron was a practising M.D. Medical Doctor before becoming a Congressional public servant. He instigated the “End The Fed” movement against privately owned central banks controlling our money supply and thus our governments. He pointed his finger and raised his voice so much that although his 2012 presidential run wasn’t conventionally successful, he had great success spreading his #EndtheFed message across the grass-roots of America and the world like a virus. He had been at it for many years earlier, perhaps even helped to inspire Satoshi’s marvellous invention.

One could suggest Paul was a major catalyst for the Bitcoin virus taking a greater hold globally. Dr. Paul attempted to activate massive change to the United State’s monetary system that would have taken enormous power away from the powerful and distributed that power to the people, and he went about his mission the way he knew best, by the book, taking part in the “democratic” process. During Dr. Paul’s long stint in congress, he never once voted against his core monetary or anti-war principles.

The below video is a 5 minute speech, made by Ron Paul in Feb 2009 to Congress, making his case to “End the Fed” and its manipulation of monetary policy…

The man has had one hell of a multi-faceted career. Paul, a Keynesian Economist – who ultimately believes in the good of the human being, respect of human rights and allowing the free markets to run their course without centralized corruption or interference – didn’t win the battle to be President but inspired a million more to continue until they win the war.

One of many packed Ron Paul rallies during the #MediaBlackout of his 2012 Presidential campaign. DYOR.

I myself am certain that the ideological struggle to eradicate the ‘rotten-to-the-core’ central banking practices will not go away until central private banking practices are completely abolished. Is it trustworthy to let a secret group of people control the money and interest rates? Naomi Brockwell sat down with the legendary Ron Paul to talk about his multi-decade political mission to “End the Fed”.

At the Satoshi Roundtable in Cancun this year I got to sit down with the amazing Ron Paul and discuss why cryptocurrency is important. Dr Paul is a hero of the liberty movement especially because of the work he’s done to spread awareness about the problems of government-controlled money and the federal reserve, so he is a huge inspiration for many of those involved with cryptocurrency. It was amazing to have him with us at the roundtable.

Ron Paul tried to fix central banking ‘by the book’.

Bitcoin didn’t ask for permission and is now unstoppable.

Bitcoin solved the problem of private central banking continuing to devalue the people’s money through the hidden tax of inflation. Privately owned central banks have infected and now effectively own most governments. Due to draconian laws made around 100 years ago, Central Banks have managed to gain the power to legally print new money out-of-thin-air, if governments did this themselves sensibly (or through an independently elected organisation with transparent operations) that wouldn’t be so bad but the travesty with the current system is that this freshly printed money is “loaned” to our governments and then becomes a repayable debt with interest attached! Many governments have had to face ‘defaulting’ on paying back this debt to the “private money printers”, often facing inevitable economic ruin. An ever increasing amount of governments around the world have already faced this dilemma and most have stooped to seizing a % of its citizen’s money directly from their bank accounts, seizing some or all of its citizen’s gold deposits while at the same time raising taxes and some even lowering minimum wage, adding fuel to the already burning wreckage they created. Think Greece. Do some research on Turkey. Venezuela. Zimbabwe. Italy. Spain. Until central banks lose control, the casualties will only continue to rise.

Don’t be too anxious to concedyour principles, desires and demands to the government.”         Dr. Ron Paul

Written by Esoteric Veritas

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Article Written by Esoteric Veritas, Published on Dapp.tech Sep 17, 2018.
Video 1 Published by CongressmanRonPaul Jan 19, 2010.
Video 2 Published & Presented by Naomi Brockwell, Feb 10, 2018.
MESSAGE FROM NAOMI: Huge thank you to Zap.org for helping secure the interview! Awesome tune: YTCracker - Bitcoin Baron If you liked this video, please subscribe to my channel :) Patreon.com/NaomiBrockwell HUGE thank you to all my AMAZING Patreon supporters! And a GIANT thank you to my sponsors Nelly's Organics and Decentrane BTC: 1M8bT3kJNsAdUSnTy5uGzqACPE57tEYteL BCH: 1KMxUvEYMUzrvb3vPhmD3eb9CMNcUkfGX6 ETH: 0x1b4fa21B25a83bd1dEb1CE8401eAf1e22857A8Ec Thanks for watching!!
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