Originally Published by Gregory @ DappUniversity on Mar 16, 2018

Gregory from DappUniversity has been publishing a bunch of quality tutorials on all things Dapps for almost a year now, if you’re interested to learn more about DApp programming, please see the DappUniversity links provided at the bottom of this post. 

Today Gregory shows you how to build a fully decentralized application on the Ethereum Blockchain that runs fully distributed using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol & network.

This tutorial expands upon an earlier tutorial Gregory published on how to build a decentralized election app on the Ethereum Network. To get started on Gregory’s original two hour Ethereum Dapp tutorial first check out “The Ultimate Ethereum Dapp Tutorial” before watching this.

IPFS is a distributed file system that you can connect to through a browser, and essentially what this does is takes all the files and puts them on distributed nodes rather than a single centralised server. Gregory runs through how to setup an IPFS node and serve files using the protocol in a distributed and verifiable way.


Javascript coders will find it relatively straight forward to follow along. People totally new to coding would gain a lot of valuable entry-level knowledge by first learning the basics of Javascript programming. As Ethereum’s smart contract language Solidity has many similarities to Javascript (JS), it’s a great coding language for aspiring Decentralized Application & Blockchain developers to get started with.


Good luck with your learning journey. The opportunities for Blockchain programmers / developers continue to grow, not only job prospect or monetary possibilities but learning to code Blockchain languages and smart contracts offer an opportunity to actually change the world for the better. Let’s build a better future together using Dapps.
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