Simon Harman – Project Lead
Kee Jefferys – Tech Lead
Josh Jessop-Smith – Marketing Lead
Chris McCabe – Operations Lead
James Eddington – Moderator

Loki is a Monero fork that is integrating Dash masternode-like “Service Nodes” to build DApps (or SNapps – Service Node Apps) on top of these layers to allow for 3rd party developers to build Private Decentralised Applications.

Hear the team discuss their thoughts on everything from Privacy, Cryptocurrencies, Fundraising, Marketing, Messaging, Humanitarian Organisations, Tor, Pizza, Memes and Beer to Decentralisation and the LOKI roadmap…


Join the Loki team in the above video as they discuss their journey building a cryptocurrency from scratch. The above video was shot at the Loki Launch Party, Friday June 15th, 2018 at YBF Ventures, Level 1, Ballroom, 520 Bourke St, Melbourne, Australia.

Below is a short video featuring Loki’s tech lead Kee Jefferys, explaining a little about how and why Loki go about using a hybrid mix of other Cryptocurrency’s features and cryptography. Jefferys does a great job at simplifying how and why Open Source technology works and how Loki is utilizing and also contributing to the Open Source Blockchain & Decentralization movements.


LOKI Website: https://loki.network

YouTube Channel: Loki Network YouTube Channel

Follow LOKI on Twitter: @Loki_Project

A big thank you to the York Butter Factory for hosting the launch party. Follow YBFVentures on Twitter: @YBFVentures

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