A very interesting and thorough discussion into the advanced forward-thinking Decred blockchain.  Inspired by Bitcoin, Dave & Jake started working on a blockchain project, made to be an alternative to Bitcoin allowing more choice and innovation and spreading industry risk among numerous blockchains.

Decred’s secret sauce is an evolving unique decentralized proof-of-work(POW)/proof-of-stake(POS) hybrid and governance-lead democratic consensus that can adapt to the fast moving future of tech.

Posted 26th July 2017 on the Epicenter YouTube Channel

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Dave Collins and Jake Yocom-Piatt join us to talk about Decred, a cryptocurrency which introduces an innovative system of community-based governance into its blockchain. Decred implements a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake system in which miners validate transactions, while users can vote on new features and upgrades to the protocol. This clever approach enables efficient blockchain governance, which has demonstrated to be successful in a recent protocol upgrade on the live network. 

Topics discussed in this episode:
– Dave and Jake’s respective backgrounds in the blockchain space
– The challenges addressed by Decred, specifically regarding blockchain governance
– Decred’s hybrid Proof of Work/Proof of Stake approach to governance
– How users of the network vote on protocol upgrade with “”tickets””
– Possible downfalls and attack vectors to this approach
– How Decred’s governance model successfully implemented a hard fork on the production network
– Decred’s approach to development funding

Links mentioned in this episode: 
– Decred Website: https://www.decred.org/
– Decred Documentation: https://docs.decred.org/research/over…

– Ledger: Industry standard security meets convenience and usability with the Nano S – http://epicenter.tv/ledger
– Shapeshift: Buy and sell alt coins instantly and securely without a centralized exchange – http://epicenter.tv/shapeshift

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