Published by Cascade SF
Originally Published on Mar 19, 2018.
Curated on Sep 14, 2018.

Designing Dapps with Uber Product Designer, Nisa Andrews

“Designing Decentralized Applications” with Nisa Andrews, Product Designer at Uber & Independent Decentralized Apps Designer.
During this UXNight presentation, designer Nisa Andrews will teach us about Ethereum, how blockchain works, and she’ll show us the difference in systems architecture when designing for a blockchain app. Nisa will also showcase case studies of Decentralized Apps she’s worked on including WeTrust. You’ll learn about terms like distributed ledgers, how the design process is similar a different when designing for dApps, the types of apps built on Ethereum, how Ethereum works, and what a smart contract is.
You’ll also learn how this new system design works in the favor of individuals instead of corporations.

Curated by blockrev 14th September 2018. Not legal or financial advice. DYOR. Originally published 19th March 2018 by CascadeSF, Presented by Nisa Andrews.
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