In the above video - Dan Larimer - one of the most successful Blockchain developers in the world, founder of BitShares, Steem & more recently EOS talks about EOS Storage.

EOS Storage : A Decentralized Cloud Storage DApp 

It’s to be “built on the most powerful decentralized blockchain infrastructure”. Dan and the EOS community solve many problems with their open source software that are surely to lead to some early demises of competiting decentralised storage DApps. With mainnet launching as we speak it’s a great day for open source software and EOS.

One of the most remarkable things about EOS Storage is that it will be free to use without having to trading your personal data. How so, you might ask? Dan builds not just blockchains but self sustainable economies. Public decentralized Blockchain economies that fund themselves through rewarding small inflationary payments to the ‘block producers’, otherwise known as the bandwidth providers. These blockproducers are rewarded freshly minted EOS to help pay the IT infrastructure costs that producing blocks will entail. Utilizing a Delegated Proof Of Stake or DPOS decentralized incentive system. DPOS has been tried and tested and are still running with minimal issues on the billion dollar plus valued Steem & BitShares blockchains.

A free decentralized Internet is being built as we speak

Attention EOS Holders: It is recommended to wait for the all clear from the official devs. Hold tight and be weary of scams trying to swindle your EOS with false sidechains. Dan and crew are letting the community start the blockchain. 

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Presented at Blockchain Live on September 20th 2017 in London, England.

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