What is the difference between ETH and ETC?

A History lesson of the Ethereum Hard Fork event that saw the splitting of Ethereum into two different blockchains and currencies, Ethereum (ETH) & Ethereum Classic (ETC).
In fairness to both projects here are two interesting perspectives and great history lessons on the debacle. Both chains seem to have a bright future in the short term.
Both present facts, a general history lesson and an opinion on the future.


Ivan believes the Ethereum Hard Fork has a better chance of survival and growth due to the larger developer ecosystem among other things. 
The interesting thing is that they both share basically the same code, Solidity…. for now.
However, going forward the evolution of their respective code and development will walk separate yet similar paths, at least in the near future.


The History & Future Of Ethereum Classic – By Charles Hoskinson.

What will the future hold for the Underdog… Ethereum Classic?

Video by: Ivan on Tech Published on Youtube: May 24, 2017
Video Published on YouTube Jun 17, 2017 by Cryptocurrency Market

Picture care of ThaiCC @ Medium http://buff.ly/2tpxBLk

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