Written by blockrev Oct 5, 2018.

Casa, the crypto-security company with the most friendly and secure crypto private key system on the planet, announced on Wednesday, it will bring on Trezor founder, Alena Vranova as head of strategy.

Casa had earlier this year raised $2 million to build out its business. The firm is known for its crypto security products initially aimed at wealthy bitcoin holders.

Although Casa now focuses on high net worth individuals holding $500k+ of Bitcoin and currently charges a hefty $10k for its services, Casa will soon start attempting to expand its offering to less wealthy individuals with a new security product geared at non-crypto experts who want to keep their holdings safe.

“You’re going to be able to go in and walk through the basic checklist that we walk all of our clients through,” Vranova added. “It is an automated way to measure your security.”

Jeremy Welch, the software developer and tech entrepreneur founder of Casa said “Alena was deeply involved in the launch of the Casa Node for Lightning and Bitcoin. With her mastery of hardware manufacturing and user experience design, track record of building successful business (even long before Trezor), and bold tenacity in the face of unknown markets — she’s a critical piece of the puzzle for growing the Casa Node from a single device experience into a full computing platform.”


Alena is a legendary figure in the space with an exceptional track record and a passion for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency security, “I love freedom and I want to make sure we can be self-confident, secure individuals.”

“We’ve seen in the last year or two more kidnappings and extortion-type situations than ever before,” she said. “Having your keys distributed fends off attackers.”

Written by blockrev Oct 5, 2018.
Source [1] Alena Vranova joins Casa as Head of Strategy by Jeremy Welch, Oct 4, 2018 - https://medium.com/casa/alena-vranova-joins-casa-as-head-of-strategy-58bf955cffce
[2] Casa website https://keys.casa/


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