Published by TEDx Talks on Dec 4, 2014

Tech entrepreneur and mathematician Charles Hoskinson presents his “The Future Will Be Decentralized” talk. Hoskinson suggests Bitcoin-related technology is about to revolutionise property rights, banking, remote education, private law and crowd-funding for the developing world.

Charles Hoskinson is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Thanatos Holdings, Director @ The Bitcoin Education Project & President at the Hoskinson Content Group LLC.

Charles is a Colorado based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended University of Colorado, Boulder to study analytic number theory in graduate school before moving into cryptography and social network theory.

His professional experience includes work with NoSQL and Bigdata using MongoDB and Hadoop for several data mining projects involving crowdsource research and also development of web spiders. He is the author of several white papers on the design and deployment of low bandwidth prolog based semantical web scraping bots as well as analysis of metamorphic computer viruses through a case study on Zmist. His current projects focus on evangelism and education for Bitcoin and fully homomorphic encryption schemes.


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