Selling Cryptokitties To Bitcoin Billionaires (HBO)

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Published on May 27, 2018

It’s a big week for auction houses in New York– at the Ethereal Summit in Queens, the world of digital art strives to find its financial footing with the aid of the burgeoning world of blockchain.

Above: CryptoKitties have plans to tailor to a more Asian flavor, thanks to Momo Wang. Image Credit: Axiom Zen

VICE News’ Jay Kang sees if he can outbid crypto investors on blockchain-themed art.

The signature piece sold for USD $140,000 with proceeds going to charity.

Watch the above video to see how it all went down.


The team behind CryptoKitties have a new “Art on the blockchain” project called Codex Protocol. They are conducting a pre-sale in the near future, for more information check out their website at:

Here is a brief one pager with the details…

Codex Art on The Blockchain - One Pager
Codex Art on The Blockchain – One Pager – CLICK TO ENLARGE

CryptoKitties Digital Art Sculpture that sold for USD $140k
CryptoKitties Digital Art Sculpture that sold for USD $140k

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