Great Multi-Currency Wallet until recent Security Flaw.
74 %

Jaxx Wallet


Jaxx wallet (at the time of writing) are working to fix their security vulnerability. While this remains resolved, your currencies could be at risk.


We strongly recommend using a Hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S is our favorite) to store any substantial amounts of crypto.

  • Validation Centralized
  • Anonymity High
  • Ease of use Average
  • Extra Services

You control your private keys

  • Hierarchical Deterministic
  • Open Source
  • Multi-Signature
  • 2 Factor Authentication
This wallet has NOT yet integrated our volume weighted average price information.

Jaxx is an Ether, Ether Classic, Dash, DAO, Litecoin, REP, and Bitcoin wallet that is in early beta. It is developed by Kryptokit.

Wallet Philosophy:

  1. They never access or hold onto user funds.
  2. They offer a client-side security model, with private keys hosted locally and never sent to any servers.
  3. They are design-oriented, offering simple, attractive user interfaces and experiences
  4. They use standards that ensure that should the wallet ever go down or cease to exist, your keys can be imported into another service.
  5. They remove friction points whenever possible
  6. They never require users to input any personal information including email addresses

With a focus on unifying the look and feel across devices and focusing on customer service, security, design, and user experience, their goal is to make the Jaxx Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet default wallet of choice for the masses.


  • Single master seed backup (This will be the only seed you will even need in the future for any coin they integrate)
  • Bitcoin – HD (Hierarchical Deterministic)
  • Ethereum Unlockable (EASTER EGG UNLOCKABLE) – Currently single key pair, however, HD Ready when Ethereum HD standard is determined)
  • Easily Switch between BTC & ETH
  • Single Screen Operation – All wallet functions work on a single screen. No more flipping between send and receive * screens or trying to find your wallet address or QR code.
  • Menu animations deliver stellar UI / UX
  • Native camera scanning
  • Pair Across Devices – Easily sync across devices (Mobile, Desktop, Extension) by scanning a pairing token or inputting seed. (Only available as they roll out other versions in the coming days)
  • Multi-currency
  • Switch between fiat and BTC / ETH
  • Spendable balance display
  • Max Send feature
  • Generate custom amount QR code
  • Single code base across all devices – ensures rapid integration of new features across all versions and devices with minimal individual customization

Message from Dapp.Tech: If you would like to donate any amount of BTC to help support the site, our address is: 15JPHUYwRbJeM7BcGcauwBey3ogN3scjWX

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