Curated by blockrev, Sep 20, 2018. Updated Feb 20, 2019.
Article Source: “10 Powerhouse Women in Blockchain to Follow on Twitter” by PolySwarm, Mar 1, 2018.
Video Originally Published by START Global, May 3, 2017.

Pamela Morgan (@PamelaWJD)
Attorney, CEO, Third Key Solutions

Pamela Morgan isn’t just a woman in blockchain — she’s an all-around entrepreneurial rockstar: “attorney, educator, entrepreneur and public speaker,” according to her LinkedIn. She’s shares her many insights on her blog, in between running Third Key Solutions, a boutique consulting agency that helps people keep their digital assets and cryptocurrencies more secure. She began focusing on cryptocurrency in law in 2014, advising clients about bitcoin and other digital currencies.

She’s often Tweeting fun stories about tech world and asking for feedback or thoughts for her upcoming book. Don’t miss her 2017 talk below, “Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts.” Morgan discusses why Bitcoin is such an important technology that started the blockchain revolution. Sharing economies and decentralized energy grids and much more are discussed.

Disclaimer: This is not financial, legal or investment advice. Always do your own independent research. Curated by blockrev, Sep 20, 2018. Sources [1] 10 Powerhouse Women in Blockchain to Follow on Twitter by PolySwarm available at Published on Mar 1, 2018. [2] Video - Pamela Morgan - Bitcoin, Blockchain & Smart Contracts available at:
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