Trustlines Network has announced the release of the Sputnik Proof-of-Concept (PoC) on the Ropstentestnet. As per Trustlines, Sputnik is a polished version of the previously deployed mobile payment PoC that the company debuted around the time of Devcon2. Sputnik is comprised of three components: an executable distributed code contract (EDCC), a relay server, and a mobile application.

The EDCC manages the network of Trustlines, which essentially makes up “the core of the system,” each one functioning as “an agreement between two friends that they give each other (bilateral) creditlines.” According to the website:

“The Trustlines Network is built as a decentralized platform hosting customized and interconnected IOU based currency networks. Contrary to present centralized collaborative finance platforms, this enables secure, transparent and permissionless P2P transactions.”

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