The road to mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies is a long one. Although the user experience of wallets has greatly improved since the dark days of command-line only interfaces, decentralized applications continue to struggle with onboarding non-technical users.

Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennetts, join us to discuss Status, a mobile Ethereum client which aims to turn the standard wallet experience on its head. At its core, Status is a mobile instant messenger client that leverages the Whisper protocol for secure peer-to-peer communication. Through its familiar messaging interface and elegant design, users can chat and send Ether directly in the app. As the first implementation of Ethereum’s Light Client Protocol, users may also use decentralized applications such as uPort, Gnosis and Aragon on their mobile phones. Built as an open source project, Status’ developer platform also allows developers to easily port their Dapps to the app.

Topics discussed in this episode:
– Jarrad and Carl’s background and journey to the Ethereum space
– Status’ vision for a friendly, mobile Dapp client
– Status’ technical architecture
– How Status leverages Ethereum’s Light Client and Whisper protocols
– The Status user experience and feature set
– Jarrad and Carl’s views on privacy and how Status fulfils their goal of privacy by default
– The long term vision for a Status Network
– The project’s roadmap and business model

Links mentioned in this episode:
– Status: The Mobile Ethereum Client:
– Status Reddit:

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