Here’s a peek at a recent update from Swarm City…

What We do

Building a communication hive in Swarm City is different than building a traditional marketing agency. Swarm City is a decentralized community and has little to do with old world style corporate models. With that in mind Kris and I have attempted what the Dev Hive has attempted; to create a productive system that can survive after we are gone, and long after the ETH raised during the token sale is gone. A model, if you will. We want it to function independent of any particular person at the helm, and at the will of the community it serves. To do that, we needed to come up with a system that would give community members the ability to choose and fund communication services based on what they value. Here’s how we’re doing it.

How we work

We are organizing communication projects on Trello boards. If you’re not familiar with it, Trello is a Kanban style project management tool. Of all the tools we looked at Trello is the most robust yet user friendly option to organize around, and it solves the unique requirements of a decentralized group. You may take a look at our boards here:

Each of our Trello boards represents a major project, and we’re using an overview-board/sub-board structure…

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