The battle of The Blockchain Prediction markets, Augur and Gnosis is an interesting one.

But is it a fair fight?

Augur and Gnosis are both big market cap coins that seem very similar. When we take a closer look there are quite a few key differences, especially in terms of ICO economics, which I seem to think should be called coinomics.. anyway as far as I’m aware (and someone correct me if I’m wrong) Gnosis is still holding on to an unusually large amount of tokens invalidating the widely-accepted “market cap” figures. 

If this is still the case – and they’ve not been burnt – the widely published market cap numbers of Gnosis would continue to be misquoted. A very large booty of yet to be issued dev controlled GNO tokens (that aren’t reflected in the current cap) were unaccounted for on all major market cap ranking sites, which seems to have a flow on effect throughout the industry. 

Transparency is the key that’s missing here.

So when at times it seems that both Augur and Gnosis had a very similar market cap, Augur played no tricks and lies. It didn’t come with any hidden inflation tax surprises pre planned and thus had much lower real market cap value compared to Gnosis.

Since learning of this, I’ve been more interested in the Augur developments.

But wait just a gosh darn minute!!….

    On the other-hand, will the hidden hoarded dev loot allow Gnosis better access to healthy ongoing funding, which it may desperately need to come out on top?
A full written analysis on the technology & concepts of the two is being crafted by Dapp.Tech and will be published here soon. 

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In the meantime, here are some videos describing the two blockchain-based prediction markets; Augur & Gnosis.
Disclaimer: This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.


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