Dear Cryptocurrency Crowd,

   I realize it is highly likely that you, much like me, have at least one family member who continues to call your beloved bitcoin a “Ponzi” or a “scam”.

This week during a rare visit to Texas I fought back the urge to scream at my own beautiful mother because, regarding my current most favorite topic-bitcoin, she said this:

“Lori you are being so gullible. Quit wasting your time.”  Then she turned back to her facebook Mafia game and clicked on like nothing had happened.  

Ironically her game which will never amount to a penny for her or any of her 3,000 superficial facebook friends is the only waste of time I could see at the moment.  

Usually, I listen carefully to my mother’s advice.  I savor her wise words normally.  I cherish her wisdom because it is unmatched, yet in terms of her acceptance of bitcoin as a real, viable source of wealth, or at least as a real currency, she is embarrassingly outspoken about her disdain.

It is a problem.

After thinking deeply on the matter of how to approach such ignorance (sorry Mom, I know you will someday see this) I have decided to firmly stand my ground on this one.  It gives me great pleasure to say with total confidence- now and in the future: I told you so!

You see, my crypto-crazed friends, it is true that our technology and our methods of transacting will go down in history as the VERY BEST,  in fact we will probably see the way things ‘go down in history”  will “go down” better too, because we will seal it into a blockchain and it will be unchangeable.  I am resisting the urge to stick out my tongue.

The wealth of the future is ours, cryptocurrency crowd.  It is ours if we so desire such a thing.  Never before has there been a more level playing field, in the arena of finance.  

Normally, the gap between the riches and the majority of people is so enormous that for the average person it might take a lifetime to achieve financial success to a level of total luxury.  

Today things are shifting into a time where earnings can multiply as if magically, and it can be done from anywhere, by anybody.  

Thanks to Cryptocurrency, or digital money there is opportunity for people to rise, literally, from the ashes and obtain more for themselves and for their loved ones even those who are led kicking and screaming into the future of money.  



Isn’t It Late In The Game?

Since its appearance in 2009 Bitcoin has grown in dramatic numbers, so how is it possible for the pattern to continue upward?

Let’s rewind to 2016 when I bought my first Bitcoin at $423 dollars. Within a month I was surprised to see the price of Bitcoin rise from $423 or over $600.  Astonished, I bought in for another couple hundred dollars.  Much to my delight I watched Bitcoin value rise to $700 then $800 then people were buzzing everywhere about whether or not bitcoin would hit the $1,000 mark, and low and behold it blasted right past.   

At the time of writing, bitcoin is hovering around $2600 and long-term it has been widely projected to continue upward.   


No It Is Not Late In The Game!

So to answer the question, no, it is not late in the game.  In fact, with an upcoming fork in the blockchain we have grown to love and loathe at the same time, I would venture to say it is a great time to watch the bitcoin price for any dips.

When the price of bitcoin drops, even a hair,  it is a signal to buy as much as you can afford, and watch what happens.   

I would literally bet the farm (if I had a farm) that bitcoin’s value will soar well over the $3,000 milestone by November of 2017.  Of course, as with any financial decision, I encourage you to research and read from several sources before allocating any of your own funds, but I am telling you what I foresee.  

I foresee an opportunity that will not dwindle within this decade, so be proud of your bitcoin logos and your bitcoin wallets.  

Shine brightly my crypto-elite friends and tell you nay-saying aunts and uncles that they don’t have to poop on your party.  They will see for themselves in a few years when your riches have multiplied and they are still clicking away the days with social media on slow-mo.  

So they think bitcoin is a scam.  So what!  They are WRONG.



Lori Brown



Written by Lori @ Dapp.Tech. Published 14th July 2017.


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