TradeOgre Exchange Review

There are now hundreds of Cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from, and while Dapp.Tech believes that Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are the most worthy of attention, if you’re looking to acquire specific coins or sell mined coins, for instance Cryptonight-heavy privacy coins such as RYO, LOKI, SARONITE, HAVEN or SOLACE, there may not be a DEX option yet. So is TradeOgre a legit or scam exchange? Read this review to hear about my first hand experience with them.

I’ve been using the TradeOgre cryptocurrency exchange for around 4 months now and although I have had one very minor issue, which I detail below in the “TradeOgre Support Experience” section, if I were to summarise my overall experience in one word; impressive. The site is functional, easy-to-use and withdrawals are consistently fast and likely the cheapest I’ve seen at any exchange and customer sentiment on social media is overall positive, so unless any of these factors change for the worst then it’s safe to say that TradeOgre is indeed a legitimate and respected boutique exchange.

Cryptocurrencies available

TradeOgre is a centralized Cryptocurrency exchange that offers a selection of 55+ different Cryptocurrencies, including many up-and-coming GPU mining POW Privacy coins. TradeOgre seems to be catering to GPU miners and early investors. Their offering of coins continues to grow and currently includes:

  • Aeon
  • Alloy
  • Arto
  • Balkancoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Private
  • BitTube
  • Bytecoin
  • Civitas
  • Dash
  • Denarius
  • Dero
  • Dogecoin
  • Electroneum
  • Graft
  • Haven
  • IntenseCoin
  • Iridium
  • Karbo
  • Litecoin
  • Loki
  • LUXCoin
  • Masari
  • Monero
  • NiobioCash
  • Ombre
  • Peepcoin
  • PIVX
  • Qtum
  • Ravencoin
  • Ryo
  • Saronite
  • Solacecoin
  • Stellite
  • Strayacoin
  • Sumokoin
  • Triton
  • Turtlecoin
  • Verge
  • Wownero
  • Zelcash

How to Trade on TradeOgre

Clicking on the markets page brings up a clean view of the cryptocurrencies that are divided into columns that shows the currency name, ticker symbol, daily percentage change, price (in BTC), volume (in BTC) and on a FHD monitor also shows the 24h high and 24h low prices, each of which can be sorted in ascending and descending order.

TradeOgre BTC Markets Page

To explore a specific market, simply click on the ‘Market’ ticker symbol, so for LOKI you click on the “BTC-LOKI” link and are then taken to the trading screen where you can buy or sell LOKI for Bitcoin. The charts can be viewed to see hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly price chart by clicking the relevant filter above the chart graphics. Clicking the light bulb icon in the bottom-right corner allows you to enter dark mode, which I definitely prefer.

Within the trading page you can make a buy or sell trade, view the order book, view recent market trades, view your recent trade history. The footer displays a live BTC/USD ticker to keep track of overall Cryptocurrency market conditions. The only problem I have with the current trading screen, albeit a minor issue, is that it seems the “Market Depth” visuals of the order books aren’t functional yet, as when you click on that it says “No Market Depth Loaded”. Update June 15th 2018: Market Depth has now been added and works just as it should providing a helpful visual representation of the current buy & sell order books.

Trade Ogre Chart Trading Page

Overall the design and functionality is great, the effortlessness of piloting the interface and the simple yet effective functionality make it a very suitable option for beginner and intermediate crypto traders & miners, while for advanced users the TradeOgre API enables developers of more advanced trading software (eg. Coinigy) to integrate TradeOgre trading into their products.

TradeOgre Fees

TradeOgre charges a modest 0.2% trading fee on all fulfilled orders, which is one of the lowest going around. What’s even more impressive is that their withdrawal times are lightning fast with funds sent on the blockchain usually within seconds and even more impressive is the fees are the lowest I’ve ever seen yet! If you know of any legitimate exchange with lower fees then please do let me know in the comments section below.

TrageOgre’s withdrawal fees are dynamically calculated for each coin based on blockchain congestion and hopefully they continue to have minimal withdrawal fees.

TradeOgre Withdrawals & Deposits

I’ve been using TradeOgre for a few months now, and so far it has been a very pleasant experience. Overall, deposits and withdrawals are some of the quickest and cheapest around. Hopefully they continue to offer their clients a fair deal going forward.

TradeOgre withdraw fees as at 6th June 2018 - Dapp.Tech
TradeOgre withdraw fees as at 6th June 2018. Please note: Fees dynamically change according to blockchain congestion. – Dapp.Tech Crypto Reviews

TradeOgre Support Experience

I did have one very minor issue depositing that was resolved quickly by their support. It related to deposits not showing up in my balance even after they’ve been confirmed on the blockchain, at the time I was new to TradeOgre and I noticed traders on twitter were talking about having similar issues at the exact same time, I was a little concerned so contacted them via their twitter @TradeOgre (note: TradeOgre Official Support is provided via Twitter direct messaging – which worked well!). They responded quickly, were pleasant and efficient and all was fixed within an hour.

TradeOgre Twitter Customer Support Screenshot

I did actually have one more issue but this time it was completely my fault and was the first (and hopefully last) time I made a mistake sending cryptocurrency, where I sent a small amount of mined LOKI from my LOKI GUI wallet to the same Trade Ogre address (that the LOKI wallet quoted as the last deposit address I used) so was expecting it to show up in my Trade Ogre account. Then when it didn’t I realized that the correct deposit address was different and that if you send to an integrated LOKI address, your LOKI wallet history will show the main wallet address and not the integrated payment ID one. So I again reached out to them on Twitter to apologize and ask if I could prove that I sent the transaction, they quickly responded, I provided tx details before they found the rogue transaction and credited my balance within minutes. I was so impressed with this that I told support that I’ll be sure to mention them in a tweet. Instead of a simple tweet, I’m writing this well-deserved review.

TradeOgre Registration

TradeOgre have a super simple registration process that requires only an email address. They also have the option (highly recommended for security) to enable 2FA through Google Authenticator. Trading can be done immediately after you have, signed up and deposited bitcoin or your currency of choice to your exchange wallet.

TradeOgre Conclusion

TradeOgre is building a loyal following because of its simple interface, great support, low transaction fees, very low withdrawal fees and very fast deposits & withdrawals. The team are private and operate in an unregulated space which is a concern for some. Private or not, regulated or unregulated, the simple fact is that none of it really guarantees safety, but to minimize risk it is never a good idea to leave any substantial amount on any centralized exchange for long periods of time. So far TradeOgre are doing things right and if they continue to do so, I’ll continue to use and speak well about them.

If you’d like to sign up and start trading at TradeOgre, visit their website at


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Written by blockrev @ Dapp.Tech June 4th 2018

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies & digital assets are highly volatile so one should only invest what they can afford to loose. Dapp.Tech does not offer financial, investment or trading advice. Always do your own independent research and seek the counsel of a qualified financial advisor before investing yours or anyone else's money.
TradeOgre Review
Ease Of Use
TradeOgre are an impressive privacy coin focused centralised exchange with great support, low fees and fast withdrawals. Like any centralised exchange, regulated or unregulated, there are risks with using them, so we don't use exchanges as a wallet to store any funds long-term. Deposit, trade, withdraw.
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