Curated & written by blockrev, Oct 8th, 2018.
Video published by Aragon, Oct 3rd, 2018.

During the ETHBerlin Hackathon, Day 1 (September 7th, 2018) on the main-stage, Aragon’s Luis Cuende delivered a presentation on “True Decentralization”.

Luis Cuende discussed the potential problem caused by the rise of cryptocurrencies creating a new elite class that mimics the current inequality we see in capital markets around the world, and addressed how the crypto space, and more specifically Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) can make ideological decisions now to ensure the future is more decentralized.

Aragon is not only creating open source software to empower people to create their own Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and collectives but also operates as a DAO itself, using a decentralized governance model. As such it has been experimenting with aspects of governance and is attempting to lead by example.

Some of the critical aspects to true decentralization within a decentralized collective that Luis covers in the presentation include;

  • Radical transparency
  • Decentralized token supply
  • Multiple teams
  • Community-governed funds
  • Governed upgradeability
  • Governed repos

Luis also describes how Aragon Governance Proposals ( AGPs ) work and how they use them to enable the Aragon DAO to evolve going forward by means of community consensus.


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Curated by blockrev, Oct 8th, 2018. Originally published by Aragon, Oct 3rd, 2018.
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