Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece and is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research. I have no affiliation with any of the below mentioned projects, except for being a non-active member of most of their slack channels. I also own a small amount of each token.

Note: The article below was published in July 2017. We have recently published a more up-to-date related post entitled 'Undervalued Cryptocurrencies Feb 2018'

One thing I’m always looking out for is great projects with huge potential that – based on my calculations – are seemingly undervalued at current prices. I’ve been right many times but I’ve also been wrong. As always, never invest more than you can afford to loose. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and presents substantial risk.

With all that aside, now is time to share a few thoughts on tokens I see value in…

Cofound.it (CFI)

Cofound.it is a dApp that brings Silicon Valley to wherever you are in the world. Well kind of…

They call it “A distributed VC ecosystem for the distributed future.”

It’s a platform that connects Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors, Supporters and Mentors around a project assisting them work together in the development, funding and operations. You could almost call it Startup Crowdfunding 2.0, but it goes beyond just the funding.

At the moment the Cofound.it team are very hands-on with coaching, consulting on legal & technical issues. They plan to use all the knowledge and data to streamline the processes and enable mass scalability in the near future. Visit Cofound.it to learn more.

At time of writing:

Market Cap = $20.17m

Price Per Token = $0.16


Edgeless (EDG)

The branding of Edgeless is world-class. The name itself epitomises one of the desires of gamblers worldwide, that is for the house to not have an edge (or at least a very small one). There have been many Online Casinos that have proclaimed to have zero or a marginal edge (1% or less) vs the players. There are multiple problems with existing Casinos offering such a situation…. It is impossible to verify. Online Casinos up until now, have had many ways to cheat their customers out of promised fair low-edge games.

Decentralized applications that run on a blockchain such as Ethereum are now developing ways to run provably fair games using cryptographic algorithms, with public and private seeds that can be revealed to prove the game result was indeed fair. Edgeless seems to address a multitude of issues, whereby even provably fair Casinos can still cheat if not setup in a totally verifiable manner across the application. They are in the process of acquiring their Casino licence and are going to be targeting primarily fiat-based markets that may or may not know anything about cryptocurrencies.

This is great news for the customers, the  gamblers, and with such a great brand name effortlessly communicating one of their most revolutionary features.

This is also great news for the projected volume of money that will be wagered at Edgeless Casino. The online gambling industry is worth around $60Billion and growing.

I’ve been telling friends about Edgeless for quite some time now. Although it’s been rising in price steadily most of that time, I still think it’s got plenty more room for growth.

At time of writing:

Market Cap = $66.4m

Price Per Token = $0.81

Swarm City (SWT)

Swarm City is an exciting dApp project that first started as Arcade City, to provide a p2p ride sharing service shortly after Uber was banned in New Hampshire, USA. Over the years, developers have joined the gang and they have recently built and launched stage one of their decentralized p2p marketplace. The Swarm.City Token (SWT) is limited in supply and if the dApp becomes even a little widely-used for the p2p gig / sharing economy then its value should sky rocket.

At time of writing:

Market Cap = $21.4m

Price Per Token = $2.91


DAO.Casino (BET)

At the time of writing this article, the ICO sale is ongoing for the DAO.Casino. The official site is the only place to get these tokens presently at https://DAO.Casino

A maximum cap of US$25M is placed on the ICO, which means even if it sells out this seems to be a bargain of a deal. ICOs are generally high-risk / high-reward.

This project is similar to EDG but allows BET tokens to be used to bankroll games earning portions of proceeds won by house. When you hold BET tokens you can choose to be the player or the house. The crowdsale will be finishing up within a few days, so it might be worth a look.

At time of writing:

Market Cap = $25m (if ICO is sold out)

Price Per Token = $0.15 (1ETH=1800 BET)


Article written by Stephen @ Dapp.Tech – July 6th 2017


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