Feature Video created by Siraj Raval
Article written by Blockrev @ Dapp.tech
Published on Dapp.tech June 25th, 2018.

So what is Essentia? In the featured video (above ↑), Siraj Raval does an amazing job at explaining the exciting Web 3.0 operating system protocol, Essentia, from both a high-level and a technical perspective.

Essentia plans to be an easy-to-use interface that connects non-technical people to Decentralized Apps (DApps) and various Blockchain protocols with a beautifully simple and elegantly intuitive User-Interface (UI). One of the most important and inspiring aspects regarding the way Essentia functions is that it allows individual users full control over their personal data. This means 3rd party services & DApps must ask for and be granted direct permission from each and every individual, before it can access any of their personal data.

The user data will not be automatically shared as it is with website cookies and trackers on the traditional internet, but instead will offer individuals – rather than corporations – the ultimate power over their data.

Essentia will combine elegant & intuitive UI and interoperability between various blockchains to achieve its mission of bringing DApps and the Decentralized Web to the masses. The Essentia project is an Operating System layer protocol that is making excellent progress towards buidling mainstream accessibility into the emerging Decentralized Web.

There needs to be a bridge between the centralized Web and the decentralized Web. Essentia acts as a gateway between both worlds, connecting apps, DApps, IPFS files, assets, devices, storage etc. into one easy interface. In the video, Siraj also discusses multi-signature transactions, cross atomic swaps & other blockchain related techniques using code.

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The code mentioned in this video is available on Github at: https://github.com/llSourcell/Decentralized_Gateways

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